Maturing and getting even better: Octopi 0.5!

Thanks to KaOS, Manjaro, Chakra and Arch community support, this new Octopi version comes with some important enhancements:

  • BugFix: mate-terminal was not working 100% – thanks to ringo32;
  • BugFix: Merged offa’s pull request that fixed a bunch of things;
  • Download and Installed Package size is now shown in MiB when sizes are greater than 1024 KiB;
  • Added Qt version info in About dialogs;
  • Showing or hiding group panel is now persisted;
  • Added support for Ctrl+F in Output tab;
  • Added dialog for user to choose his preferred terminal emulator in a QML dialog (accessible thru “Ctrl+Shift+T” if compiled with Qt > 5.3). There is also a new “Terminal” option in “~/.config/octopi/octopi.conf” which controls that;
  • Notifier now syncs database only once a day. There is even a new “SyncDbHour” option in “~/.config/octopi/octopi.conf” to which can be assigned a specific time value (ex: “23”, to sync every day at 23h);
  • Added “sync database” menu option to Notifier, so users can check for changes whenever they want;
  • Added support for KStatusNotifier in Notifier, while in KDE and compiled with Qt5 and “DEFINES += KSTATUS” – thanks to brcha;
  • BugFix: Now RepoEditor keeps SigLevel sections untouched;
Selecting a terminal using "Ctrl+Shift+T"

Selecting a terminal using “Ctrl+Shift+T”

Download size now in MiB.

Download size now in MiB.

Help with translations!

Friends, a new Octopi version is drawing nearer and as here we take translations seriously, we need your help to finish them.

Many of them are 9X % done, others not that much, but all are only waiting for your visit to check :-) Thank you!

The ocean cleanup!


I do not like asking for contributions, but this one is very important! Our oceans are very “ill”. There are immense amount of plastic residues as the result of our reckless way of living in this planet.

But there’s hope with this campaign which is trying to clean this mess through a very simple and relatively cheap solution.

So please, I BEG you! There’s only 5 days to go for this campaign to shut down. Make a little donation and spread the word!

Octopi, Calamares and all other sea creatures will THANK you forever!

Octopi version 0.4.2 is out!

Following the previous release, this one adds an important bugfix in AUR/KCP search mode, among other fixes. Go grab it HERE.

KCP search in Octopi (running under KaOS).

KCP search in Octopi (running under KaOS).

Octopi version 0.4.1 released!

I’m pleased to bring you the latest version of our favorite Qt based pacman frontend.

0.4.1 comes with:

  • A bunch of obligatory bug fixes
  • Argentinian, Basque and Japanese translations
  • Installed size info in tooltips
  • Search by file option (with pacman -Qo)
  • Installed packages are counted based on View filters
  • A string validator is used in search widgets to prevent anomalous character entering

You can also watch these videos I recorded with the precious help of Anke Boersma (KaOS author) which explain the use of all Octopi options in detail.


ManjaroPek 0.8.10 is out!

Today, the Brazilian Manjaro community launched his Manjaro 0.8.10 spin, named ManjaroPek, because of being based on PeKwm!

I’m honored to have Octopi as ManjaroPek official package manager frontend. Thank you Holmes and tropper and all the other guys that make Manjaro Brasil ticks! You just rock!

ManjaroPek 0.8.10 out of the box interface.

ManjaroPek 0.8.10 out of the box interface.

The greatest Octopi is released!

We proudly present you the latest encarnation of your preferred pacman frontend: 0.4.0 !

Octopi 0.4.0 pt_BR running in KDE.

Octopi 0.4.0 pt_BR running inside Manjaro’s KDE.

This release is certainly the most important since the project’s inception, more than 1 year ago. It’s the result of more than 90 days of intensive work of a group of talented people that brought you:

  • A new package list model subsystem (tbinkau’s huge hacks) which brings you memory use and performance enhancements as well as more view options;
  • Merge of Oktopi’s code (gcala’s massive changes) which made Octopi, Chakra‘s default pacman frontend;
  • Tools menu (if available), bringing pacman log viewer and Repository editor (gcala’s changes);
  • AUR popularity column view while in AUR search (tbinkau);
  • New UI icons, including main octopus/ghost one :-) (demm’s courtesy);
  • Pacaur support;
  • KCP support in KaOS (using Cellix’s kcp tool);
  • LXQt DE support;
  • mooOS support (pdq’s changes and tests);
  • Netrunner Rolling Release support;
  • Antergos support (Yoyo’s courtesy);
  • Initial ArchBSD support (Claud’s courtesy);
  • Addition of asturian language in Qt5 builds;
  • Many bug fixes!

So, if you like this software, please express your gratitude thru one of those ways:

Thanks to all distros who helped us so far. Together we stand, divided we fall! Also: thanks!

If everything goes well, next step will be 0.5.0 with the advent of an options dialog ;-)