Octopi celebrates its first anniversary!

At Feb, 21st 2013, octopi’s github got this commit:

README file: the very first Octopi commit!

431 commits later, with almost 12.000 lines of C++ code, supporting 35 languages, ArchBang, ArchLinux, Chakra and Manjaro distros, yaourt for AUR packages as well as being the default pacman frontend in KaOS Linux distro, Octopi has matured quite fast.

Such speed can only be explained/understood by the strength of Open Source community. At 17th march 2013, I sent an email to Philip Müller, a Manjaro Linux dev I had contacted in late 2012:

Hi Philip, how are you?

Remember you have translated QTGZManager to german, don’t you?
Well, as I happen to finished it, I was needing another project to work on…

Actualy I started a new one in late february. The name is Octopi, and
it’s a frontend to Pacman package manager.
When I say frontend I really mean it, it calls pacman directly instead
of using LibAlpm API (that way I can take profit of pacman’s
solid/well tested code base).

At the moment it’s quite useful, if you want to give it a try:

site: http://octopiproject.wordpress.com/
code: https://github.com/aarnt/octopi

Thank you!

A few hours later, Philip had published the news in Manjaro’s crowded forums, with a link to an Octopi package he’d just built.

After that, the project has skyrocketed to a point of receiving patches, translations, suggestions, reviews and even a fork from the Chakra community. I could never had expected such success, even in my wildest dreams.

It is a pleasure to be part of this history and an honour to be part of this community.

To celebrate this milestone, version 0.3.2 is out. It brings a new system upgrade button in toolbar, among other features.


And thank you all very much! Without your help, there would be no means to do such work.

Octopi 0.3.1 is now available

This version supports a new distribution called KaOS, builds with Qt4 and Qt5 libs, sports a new group selection widget and adds chinese (Taiwan), malay, slovak and ukrainian translations.

Version 0.3.1 running under KaOS.

Version 0.3.1 (pt_BR) running under KaOS – a gorgeous KDE centric distro launched in 2013!

A special thanks goes to Octopi’s translation community, Alex Fredrich (a friend of mine), Anke Boersma (KaOS author and lead dev) and Ringo de kroon (from Manjaro support).

You can grab v0.3.1 here.

Octopi 0.3 is finally available for download

Friends, it’s been a while since 0.2 was out ;-)
But you’ll find out it truly worthed the wait…


Version 0.3 brings many goodies, such as:

  • Many bugfixes and code cleanings;
  • 6 new translations: spanish (Latin America), english (Great Britain), portuguese (Portugal), swedish, serbian and hungarian;
  • Option to delete pacman transaction’s lock file;
  • Option to do a system upgrade directly from Octopi notifier;
  • Option to install available package dependencies;
  • Brought back the graphical system upgrade;
  • New outdated packages notification at statusbar: for pacman and yaourt;
  • New icon colors: a green octopi means “no updates”, a yellow means “yaourt updates” and a red equals to “pacman updates”;

and MORE

DOWNLOAD IT HERE! We wanna say a HUGE thank you to all the guys who helped it out. You know who you are! But in case you don’t, please look HERE and also HERE :-)

New outdated package status at statusbar.

New outdated package status at statusbar.

You can now install optional package dependencies, when available!

You can now install optional package dependencies, when available. Ctrl+A selects/unselects all!

Octopi supports 31 languages at the moment. This is hungarian!

Octopi supports 31 languages at the moment. This one is hungarian!

As some requested: the graphical system upgrade was brought back!

As some users requested: the graphical system upgrade was brought back!

Donation to ebook reader purchase

I enjoy reading as much as coding. But physical books are expensive, eco unfriendly and take too much space.

That’s why I think ebook readers are so amazing: they give you access to cheaper and lighter books while saving you lots of precious space.

Unfortunately here in Brazil they cost twice the US price: around 210 dollars!

So, if you like Octopi and want to help me buy an ebook reader, you can donate here: http://sourceforge.net/donate/index.php?group_id=186459

Thank you!

Octopi 0.2.0 hits the wild.

After six months of development, Octopi has finaly reached 0.2 status.

Octopi showing 25 updates available for Manjaro 0.8.6. In fact it's the 0.8.7 release :-)

Octopi showing 25 updates available for Manjaro 0.8.6. In fact it’s the 0.8.7 release :-)

With the help of many OSS contributors (mainly from the spectacular Manjaro community), this version brings:

  • Splitted the project in “octopi” and “octopi-notifier”.
  • Yaourt no longer runs with root permissions.
  • Added support for package multi selection in Yaourt mode.
  • Added option to install local packages.
  • Added support for “notify-send” in “octopi-notifier”.
  • Added hebrew translation.
  • Added lithuanian translation.
  • Added norwegian bokmål translation.
  • Added servian latin translation.
  • Added dutch translation.
  • Added russian translation.
  • Added uzbek translation.
  • Added finnish translation.
  • Added vietnamese translation.
  • Updated all other translations.
  • GTK native theme is used by default in Manjaro (while not in KDE).
  • Added support for Xterm terminal.
  • IgnorePkg option is now used to build outdated package list.
  • BugFix: Empty pkg descriptions are now shown as empty.

Thank you all! These 180 days were really awesome :-D


Octopi 0.2.0 with GTK style running in Manjaro Linux 0.8.7.

Octopi 0.2.0 with GTK style running in Manjaro Linux 0.8.7.

Octopi 0.2.0 is coming…

We are working hard to release the next stable version to you.

But right now we have a little problem: new features bring new text to be translated! So, if you have some time to spare in an open source project, please access our translation site.

Your help is priceless! Thank you.

Octopi 0.1.9 is here

With Yaourt support and a bunch of important bug fixes and enhancements, Octopi finally reaches 0.1.9!

Yaourt support have landed in Octopi 0.1.9!

Yaourt support have landed in Octopi 0.1.9!

Is this the end of the beginning ? We hope so and look forward to stabilizing our preferred pacman gui so it can achieve 0.2 status real soon :-)