Time for more Octopi: 0.1.3!

Thanks to the awesome feedback from the guys at Manjaro Linux Forum, there is a new Octopi version available: 0.1.3.

This release fixes ** lots of bugs **, including a nasty one which prevented kdesu users from getting percentage feedback from transactions (a special thanks goes to Bersil and Holmes). It also improves security in transaction execution code.

Users can now take advantage of context menus in ‘Transaction’ and ‘Files’ tabs to remove/expand/collapse items, open/edit files as well as opening selected directories using the available file manager/terminal;

There is also improved support for dark Qt themes. You can take a look at Screenshots section.

Grab the latest code at github and enjoy!


One response to “Time for more Octopi: 0.1.3!

  1. Great job!
    I’m already enjoying and sharing in the Google plus community of Manjaro Spanish.

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