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Help Octopi’s translation task force!


The moment has come, when I ask you all to contribute with Octopi’s improvement:

Translate Octopi!

Thank you very much!

Octopi has been translated to pt_BR!

Octopi has been translated to pt_BR!


Octopi 0.1.6 launched!

Friends, this one is really hot!

There’s a new transaction dialog which always display the target packages and sports a brand new “run in terminal” button, so you can use the good and old console for running Octopi commands. The interface had a facelift too, with the progressbar going down to the statusbar.

There’s “find a file” option in the package list context menu, so you can find a file which may be inside some installed package. And Ctrl+F also brings a searchbar to find strings in News and About tabs, in the ‘firefox highlighting way’.

And last but not least: Chakra distro news support and “ILoveCandy” pacman option is now Octopi friendly 🙂

If you can afford, please consider a donation to help this project.

Get it HERE. Enjoy!

The new transaction dialog brings "run in terminal".

The new transaction dialog brings “run in terminal”.

Now it's easy to find a file inside an installed package.

Now it’s easy to find a file inside an installed package.

Octopi 0.1.6 brings 'Firefox-highlighting search' inside News and Help tabs.

Octopi 0.1.6 brings ‘Firefox-highlighting search’ inside News and About tabs.

Octopi 0.1.5 launched!

It’s time for a new Octopi version! This one brings search by description, so you can find all those packages you have never heard of 😉 It also reacts to transaction conflict errors, asking if the user wants to run his ‘buggy’ transactions inside a terminal. A reworked transaction code, pacman 4.1 compatibility as well as some UI changes completes the feature list.

Searching for 'pacman' by description

Searching for ‘pacman’ by description

Grab at:

Hope you all enjoy!

PS: In order to keep this project alive, please, consider a donation.