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Another Octopi point release:

This version includes:

  • Bulgarian, danish, indonesian and polish translations;
  • sysupgrade command line option now synchronizes databases;
  • bugfix: sysupgrade command line option didn’t refresh package list after syncing databases;
  • bugfix: if sysupgrade used SyncFirst, it wouldn’t call another upgrade automatically;

Special thanks goes to Galin Iskrenov, Carl Andersen, Mohamad Hasan Al Banna, Kuba Kaczmarzyk and David Roux for this!

Get it HERE.

Enjoy 😉


Octopi reaches

Updated: This is a bugfix to 0.1.7 known as It fixes the translation files and also adds catalan (thanks to oriolfa).

After the supersonic help of Manjaro community, Octopi now is translated to 8 more languages: arabic, french, german, greek, italian, romanian, spanish and turkish. A special thanks goes to Karim, Loubrix, Veraendert, angel_solomos, bersil, Ayceman, tufadorin and yfdogan!

Octopi v0.1.7 brings:

  • a “Open root terminal” option in File menu;
  • “-sysupgrade” command line option which makes it go straight to a system upgrade at startup;
  • “-removecmd” command line option which enables you to change the default remove command during transactions;
  • an outdated package list that has links to each outdated package, so you can view its information;
  • an About dialog box that shows its version.

    Outdated package list now with links in items!

    Outdated package list now with links in items!

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