Octopi 0.1.8: the notifier one!

Today is a great day for all octopians! Version 0.1.8 of your preferred pacman GUI is out. And it comes with:

  • Notifier system tray icon support which does a “pacman -Syy” every hour (without upsetting you with root passwords)
  • Czech translation (thanks to user fri)
  • Support for ArchBang Linux distro

If you were not using Octopi yet… maybe this is a good moment 😉


The Octopi notifier icon! Red means there are updates.


9 responses to “Octopi 0.1.8: the notifier one!

  1. How do I send octopi to tray on kde? Thanks for this great tool!

  2. Hi Octopi Team,
    Is there a way to change the Syy interval in Octopi Notifier? According to this site this function currently runs every hour but I’d like to change it.
    Thanks for any help you can povide.

  3. hi. i like the octopi program very much….the notfier icons not so much 😉
    how can i change them? (overwriting octopi.png, octopi_red and octopi_yellow under /usr/share/icons has no effect). i am using manjaro linux kde. any tipps? thank you for that great pacman frontend

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