Donation to ebook reader purchase

I enjoy reading as much as coding. But physical books are expensive, eco unfriendly and take too much space.

That’s why I think ebook readers are so amazing: they give you access to cheaper and lighter books while saving you lots of precious space.

Unfortunately here in Brazil they cost twice the US price: around 210 dollars!

So, if you like Octopi and want to help me buy an ebook reader, you can donate here:

Thank you!


4 responses to “Donation to ebook reader purchase

  1. well, if you would implement a graphical option for the upgrade process itself as it its right now for the install and refresh option, rather than forcing the terminal option only THEN I could think about spending you some money. Dynamicly adding an upgrade button to the toolbar, right next to the number of the available packages that can be upgraded would be nice too. — I think you have build a great pacman frontend, but without the option to bypass terminal operations entirely it is not finshed…yet…

    • Torsten,
      Octopi had graphical upgrade since 0.1 version.
      It still has it implemented although I managed to disable it for the sake of user’s safety (as it uses pacman’s “–noconfirm” option).

  2. Hey I can’t afford donating but I wanted to say thanks for making Octopi, it’s a great tool 🙂 And I would also like to add to the request of Torsten, it would be nice to still have the terminal but bypass questions as an option.

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