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Octopi celebrates its first anniversary!

At Feb, 21st 2013, octopi’s github got this commit:

README file: the very first Octopi commit!

431 commits later, with almost 12.000 lines of C++ code, supporting 35 languages, ArchBang, ArchLinux, Chakra and Manjaro distros, yaourt for AUR packages as well as being the default pacman frontend in KaOS Linux distro, Octopi has matured quite fast.

Such speed can only be explained/understood by the strength of Open Source community. At 17th march 2013, I sent an email to Philip Müller, a Manjaro Linux dev I had contacted in late 2012:

Hi Philip, how are you?

Remember you have translated QTGZManager to german, don’t you?
Well, as I happen to finished it, I was needing another project to work on…

Actualy I started a new one in late february. The name is Octopi, and
it’s a frontend to Pacman package manager.
When I say frontend I really mean it, it calls pacman directly instead
of using LibAlpm API (that way I can take profit of pacman’s
solid/well tested code base).

At the moment it’s quite useful, if you want to give it a try:


Thank you!

A few hours later, Philip had published the news in Manjaro’s crowded forums, with a link to an Octopi package he’d just built.

After that, the project has skyrocketed to a point of receiving patches, translations, suggestions, reviews and even a fork from the Chakra community. I could never had expected such success, even in my wildest dreams.

It is a pleasure to be part of this history and an honour to be part of this community.

To celebrate this milestone, version 0.3.2 is out. It brings a new system upgrade button in toolbar, among other features.


And thank you all very much! Without your help, there would be no means to do such work.