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The greatest Octopi is released!

We proudly present you the latest encarnation of your preferred pacman frontend: 0.4.0 !

Octopi 0.4.0 pt_BR running in KDE.

Octopi 0.4.0 pt_BR running inside Manjaro’s KDE.

This release is certainly the most important since the project’s inception, more than 1 year ago. It’s the result of more than 90 days of intensive work of a group of talented people that brought you:

  • A new package list model subsystem (tbinkau’s huge hacks) which brings you memory use and performance enhancements as well as more view options;
  • Merge of Oktopi’s code (gcala’s massive changes) which made Octopi, Chakra‘s default pacman frontend;
  • Tools menu (if available), bringing pacman log viewer and Repository editor (gcala’s changes);
  • AUR popularity column view while in AUR search (tbinkau);
  • New UI icons, including main octopus/ghost one 🙂 (demm’s courtesy);
  • Pacaur support;
  • KCP support in KaOS (using Cellix’s kcp tool);
  • LXQt DE support;
  • mooOS support (pdq’s changes and tests);
  • Netrunner Rolling Release support;
  • Antergos support (Yoyo’s courtesy);
  • Initial ArchBSD support (Claud’s courtesy);
  • Addition of asturian language in Qt5 builds;
  • Many bug fixes!

So, if you like this software, please express your gratitude thru one of those ways:

Thanks to all distros who helped us so far. Together we stand, divided we fall! Also: thanks!

If everything goes well, next step will be 0.5.0 with the advent of an options dialog 😉