The greatest Octopi is released!

We proudly present you the latest encarnation of your preferred pacman frontend: 0.4.0 !

Octopi 0.4.0 pt_BR running in KDE.

Octopi 0.4.0 pt_BR running inside Manjaro’s KDE.

This release is certainly the most important since the project’s inception, more than 1 year ago. It’s the result of more than 90 days of intensive work of a group of talented people that brought you:

  • A new package list model subsystem (tbinkau’s huge hacks) which brings you memory use and performance enhancements as well as more view options;
  • Merge of Oktopi’s code (gcala’s massive changes) which made Octopi, Chakra‘s default pacman frontend;
  • Tools menu (if available), bringing pacman log viewer and Repository editor (gcala’s changes);
  • AUR popularity column view while in AUR search (tbinkau);
  • New UI icons, including main octopus/ghost one 🙂 (demm’s courtesy);
  • Pacaur support;
  • KCP support in KaOS (using Cellix’s kcp tool);
  • LXQt DE support;
  • mooOS support (pdq’s changes and tests);
  • Netrunner Rolling Release support;
  • Antergos support (Yoyo’s courtesy);
  • Initial ArchBSD support (Claud’s courtesy);
  • Addition of asturian language in Qt5 builds;
  • Many bug fixes!

So, if you like this software, please express your gratitude thru one of those ways:

Thanks to all distros who helped us so far. Together we stand, divided we fall! Also: thanks!

If everything goes well, next step will be 0.5.0 with the advent of an options dialog 😉



49 responses to “The greatest Octopi is released!

  1. Excelente, gracias por tu trabajo 🙂

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  3. Muchas gracias por tu aportación a la comunidad linuxera. 🙂

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  6. Great work, thanks!!!

  7. Finally a GUI for pacman. Thanks for this.

  8. Thanks for your work!

    Octopi is very important for a lot of Linux Distros

    Keep it up! 😀

  9. Fantastic!!!!!! great job

  10. Hey, it would be great if you could add a size column, especially useful for SSD users since we don’t have that much space, also for VM installs 🙂

    And also I think it would be better if the “Info” tab was open by default since that’s the one you wanna see when browsing for packages, and then you could automatically switch to the output tab when there is any output to

  11. Bueno muchas gracias por tu contribución a esta Comunidad Linuxera realmente es un gran trabajo.

  12. Excellent job. I hope you keep it, as many users but do not say, benefit and appreciate this project. BTW, Do you speak Spanish?

  13. Excellent job!! How I can help translate it into Spanish?

  14. ¡Gracias por tu esfuerzo!!
    Thanks a lot!, i use Chakra and it’s amazing hear the notice!!

  15. Delujo ,,,, gracias !!!
    Excellent,,, thanks!!!

  16. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo! Sigue adelante!

  17. CostGranda

    Thanks for your great job! 🙂

  18. Hola, en KaOS solo muestra los paquetes instalados mediante el repositorio KCP y no los que tienes sin instalar.

    Saludos, gran trabajo !!!

    • Hi txurrus,
      I’m afraid I did not get your point.
      Could you explain it better?

      • Hi gtqzmanager !!

        With octopi only I can see the kcp installed packages, not the packages that not are installed.

      • txurrus,
        Just open octopi and change the group (the right pane) to . Then, search for some package you want, for instance “wl”. After a while, you’ll get a result list.

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  20. Ahh ok thanks qtgzmanager !!!

  21. Looks great!

    One little thing you missed in the help: explaining the status line. I see something like:

    3735 (1) packages } 1127 installed

    The other two numbers are apparent enough, but I have no idea what the (1) means.

    (Also it is a little odd that the # packages changes to reflect the filtering but the # installed does not. But this is a tiny quibble.)

    • Hi ericjs,
      We can “fix” this installed issue.
      The number inside parenthesis is the number of packages you selected. Try selecing more and you’ll see that count get higher.

  22. Thanks thanks gracias!

  23. Trabalho árduo, trabalho duro e, finalmente, produto com qualidade e utilidade. Resta só dizer: Parabéns e sucesso! Abraço, Edgar

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  25. Me encanta Octopi !!! Sigue asi!!!

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