Octopi version 0.4.2 is out!

Following the previous release, this one adds an important bugfix in AUR/KCP search mode, among other fixes. Go grab it HERE.

KCP search in Octopi (running under KaOS).

KCP search in Octopi (running under KaOS).


14 responses to “Octopi version 0.4.2 is out!

  1. You are doing such great work! Thank you very much!

  2. Enorme trabajo, como siempre.

    Mi GUI preferida para Pacman 😉

    Gracias 🙂

  3. Me encanta octopi. Algo genial que nunca falta en mi desktop.

  4. Hope to set desired terminal in future releases xterm really annoying =)

    • Hi gurqn,
      Which distro / Window / Desktop Manager are you using?
      Octopi is compatible with many DEs and should only defaults to xterm when there’s no more options left.

      • You mean octopi able to detect default terminal automatically and launch it if available ? Oh I wasn’t know that. I’m arch linux user, using Gnome and loving octopi. I’m using octopi-git version directly from aur. In each release I was looking in options menu for checking if there is any new area about setting default terminal, in prior releases without xterm if you try to install package from aur, octopi was always failing so I didn’t without xterm the newest git edition. I think best thing actually could be providing such a option in preferences area where end-users could set their desired terminal ? Offcourse it’s just a opinion which I wished to share.

      • I see.
        Test if it opens the gnome terminal with this latest version you’re using.

  5. Nuno Nunes

    Good working

  6. when i uninstall xterm and try to re-install something from aur, octopi says;

    Command finished with errors! but no technical details so can’t understand what kind of error we are talking about.

    Also I have tried to set term in .bashrc like a;

    export TERM=gnome-terminal and tested setting with;

    [gurqn@arch ~]$ echo $TERM

    but still getting same error, strange!

  7. ralpheeee88

    using arch and i3 wm…using Terminator terminal and have the issue mentioned…+1 to have option to choose terminal

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