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Octopi 0.9.0 goes gold… at last ;-)

After a long hiatus of more than 800 days since version 0.8.1 and celebrating project’s 5th anniversary, we’re proud to announce the latest Octopi release: 0.9.0.

Noteworthy changes are:

  • Pacman 5.1 support;
  • Options dialog, so we can configure some Octopi settings;
  • Terminal tab with embeded terminal (if you happen to compile with QTermWidget support);
  • Trizen AUR tool support;
  • Support for ALPM utils lib, so now we’re able to show “Download size” info in the package list (thanks to Guillaume Benoit, Pamac’s author);
  • Slovenian and Hindi translations;
  • Stop button beside progress bar, so we can stop transactions while in download phase;
  • Counter for processed packages;
  • Ability to disable “instant search” (a feature that filters the list of package as you type);
  • And many bugfixes as seen in CHANGELOG

We’d like to thank all of you who tested, compiled, packaged, translated, submitted bug reports, pull requests and suggestions. Octopi would be nowhere whithout your help. You know who you are. Thank you very much!

If you haven’t tested Octopi yet, please give it a chance. If you like it, consider helping the project. Enjoy!

A system upgrade in action. Look at the counter before every package being downloaded. And there’s a stop button beside the progress bar

System upgrade concluded! You can see the “Download size” column at the very right

Instant search disabled. Now you have to press Enter to see the results. Look also that AUR package names are now clickable so you can visit its site

New Options dialog showing AUR settings

Trizen AUR tool executing in the embeded terminal

New Group view spans all window’s height


The ocean cleanup!


I do not like asking for contributions, but this one is very important! Our oceans are very “ill”. There are immense amount of plastic residues as the result of our reckless way of living in this planet.

But there’s hope with this campaign which is trying to clean this mess through a very simple and relatively cheap solution.

So please, I BEG you! There’s only 5 days to go for this campaign to shut down. Make a little donation and spread the word!

Octopi, Calamares and all other sea creatures will THANK you forever!

Donation to ebook reader purchase

I enjoy reading as much as coding. But physical books are expensive, eco unfriendly and take too much space.

That’s why I think ebook readers are so amazing: they give you access to cheaper and lighter books while saving you lots of precious space.

Unfortunately here in Brazil they cost twice the US price: around 210 dollars!

So, if you like Octopi and want to help me buy an ebook reader, you can donate here:

Thank you!

Octopi 0.2.0 is coming…

We are working hard to release the next stable version to you.

But right now we have a little problem: new features bring new text to be translated! So, if you have some time to spare in an open source project, please access our translation site.

Your help is priceless! Thank you.