To get the latest bleeding edge Octopi code all you need to do is run:

git clone

And after you have Octopi’s repository you can update it just running:

git pull

If you use Arch Linux and yaourt you can grab Octopi by the “octopi” (stable) or “octopi-git” (dev) packages, thanks to the great community.

Manjaro Linux also has Octopi in its repository: packages “octopi” and “octopi-notifier”.



7 responses to “Get

  1. Any chance we can get tar balls of the releases, or tags for them in git?

  2. That’s probably the best approach because I think github creates tar balls for tags, anyway. That way if someone wants to package a stable release, it’s pretty straight forward.

  3. Edit: I copied the command in my git folder to /usr/bin and it works…
    Any more elegant answer ?

  4. REQUEST: add support for Netrunner Rolling..

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