1) Where did this name Octopi come from? Is it related to that James Bond movie? Which movie? Octopussy? Nah… The project has this name as a tribute to Pacman – the arcade game. As (once) stated in Wikipedia: “The enemies in Pac-Man are known variously as ‘ghosts’, ‘goblins’, ‘octopi’ and ‘monsters’.

2) Why do I get a message saying “There are no means to get administrator’s credentials.”? That’s because you probably do not have “kdesu” or “gksu” installed in your system. Octopi uses this type of su frontends to escalate privileges, so it can run pacman commands that writes in the local package database.

3) Su frontends? Why didn’t you just let Octopi being run by root? First because we could not manage to get it run properly, as the curl output which is generated by pacman simply vanishes. And without this output we cannot update our tab percentages, leaving our users without progress feedback during transactions. And second and more important, because running a GUI app under root is a serious security hole.

4) Why haven’t you used libALPM instead of calling pacman’s binary directly? Humm, there are two main reasons. First, if we were to make that decision, we’d have to duplicate lots of pacman code (to ensure the rock solid stability users are used to expect) as well as deal with API breakages, which may arrive in newer versions. And second because we really appreciate pacman software. We think it’s a hell of a good package management tool: fast, feature rich and well tested!

5) Why are there lags when I click on a package in Octopi’s package list? Well, if you happen to click in a package and the selected tab are “Info” or “Files”, there may be a little lag before the correct information is shown. This is just a penalty of using pacman’s binary for collecting information about packages. If you’re not believing us, just do a little test: open a console (do not need to be root) and write: “pacman -Si <any package name here>”. If you use to have a lag in Octopi you’ll surely have a lag doing that.

6) Why did sometimes I get conflict errors and my transactions are aborted when upgrading some outdated packages? Good one! This may occur due to the package you’re trying to update being part of a chain of necessary updates. Normally this can be fixed just doing a system upgrade in Octopi. But if you still got trouble, you’d better open a console and trying to do a manual update using pacman.

7) Open a console??? No!!! I was hoping Octopi was the ‘silver bullet’, the application that would ‘rule them all’, so I would forget about opening terminals and typing obscure pacman commands, forever. No, my friend… such a tool is yet to be developed and I’m pretty sure it’ll have its debut in Alice’s Wonderland.

8) Why Octopi’s icon keeps changing from green to yellow to red? This is just a reminder for you! When Octopi’s icon is green it means NO package installed in your system is outdated. When it is yellow, it means there are some outdated AUR packages. Otherwise, when it’s red, this indicates SOME official packages need an upgrade. To see which packages are outdated, just click the statusbar red label in the lower right corner of the screen. After your next successful system upgrade, Octopi’s icon will return to it’s greenish (or yellowish) form 🙂


14 responses to “FAQ

  1. Hi Alexandre,
    thank you very much for this wonderful tool. It’s awesome! It’s a “noobish” question perhaps but I’ve just tried to search for two strings at the same time (e.g. game rpg) and got no result. Is there a a way to combine two search terms in octopi (“game AND rpg”, “game && rpg”, “game rpg”, “game\|rpg\” don’t work)?
    Greetings from Berlin

    • Hi BenZol,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      Indeed you cannot use two separated words for searching.
      What you can do is “Search By description” and then type RPG.

      Bye 🙂

  2. Tyler Rusk

    This is a great tool. Thank you for putting the work into it! I am working on a arch based distro and intend on using Octopi to notify the users of updates.

  3. Hello! Let me just say, thank you for this fantastic tool!
    I have a bit of an OCD question: Can I change the terminal that Octopi invokes? I presently use gterm for everything, but Octopi opens xterm.

    • Hi FnStein,

      I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

      Currently Octopi uses the terminal available with the Window Manager/Desktop Environment that is running in your system.

      The problem to let users choose which term to use is that I cannot assure it will work properly as I have not tested all of them.

      • OK, legit. But if so, why isn’t it a required dependency for octopi, rather than optional? It’ll take out some guesswork when trying to install AUR packages on a vanilla Arch system.

  4. I have a notice from Octopi that there upgrades for at least 50 different packages but I can´t get them to upgrade. I´ve figured out that whatś in the way is a conflict between two versions of gcc-libs.

    Iḿ trying to remove this package – gcc-libs-multilib 4.9.0-3 lib32 with Octopi but I keep getting this error…

    ¨There are forbidden packages in the removal list¨

    How do I get around this?

  5. I have a question, I hope you don’t mind. Octopi is the first Qt app that doesn’t have an ugly, blurry icon in docks, for example in Plank. It had one before (maybe before 4.0?), but at some it looked sharp, just like all the other, native Gtk apps and whatnot. All the icons of my Qt apps look blurry (as this guy here is describing it http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/38142). How did you do that, if you did it purposefully?

    • Hi Aru.
      Octopi icons were made by Anke Boersma in Inkscape, as SVG. After they were done, she exported them as PNG images in GIMP.

  6. Hello
    I use octopi-notifier and it’s a great program but I regret that I always need root password. For a user with wheel privileges he can’t use octopi if he don’t know root password (he must use sudo pacman).
    Is it possible to make octopi use sudo password instead root?
    (‘sudo octopi-notifier’ is not a good solution)

    • Hi yp,
      In fact the notifier does not need root password because it uses policykit to sync databases.
      Octopi, however, does need it.
      If I’m not wrong I’ve made a test with gksudo/kdesudo once, and I’m afraid it did not work as expected. But I can test again…

      • In my case I need root password and with user password I can’t install program…and if I make sudo Octopy It ok but I must give password first and after I nerver give password again for installation.
        I don’t know policykit (or polkit?)
        I use manjaro kde…I will try again.