A very special thanks goes to:

Alex Fredrich, for testing, suggestions and icons
Anke Boersma (demm), for supporting Octopi in KaOS
Bernardo M. Savone (Bersil), for testing and spreading the word
Damián Nohales (eagleoneraptor), for pkgfile support
Edgar Aloísio Berger, for spreading the word by email
Jose Martinez (dsngjoe), for testing under Cinnamon
Manjaro community, for testing and suggestions
Manuel Tortosa, for testing, suggestions and code
Philip Müller (philm), for testing, patches and suggestions
Riberti de Almeida Felisbino (Holmes), for spreading the word at Manjaro Linux Brasil
Ringo de kroon (ringo32), for testing and lots of suggestions
Sami Korkalainen (Sami-Perkele), for testing and suggestions
Valdir Rossi Belmonte Filho, for patching the site

… and to our tireless translators, who are listed HERE.


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